Tuesday, June 14, 2011

THE COMMUNARDS | Interview Magazine 1986

Ah...the strains of fame. Before Jimmy Somerville, the soaring falsetto behind Bronski Beat had a number-three chartbuster, he was living a frugal life in a London council flat. A small-town boy from Scotland who relishes anonymity over accolades, Somerville found that his stardom came too quickly. In a flash, he checked out of the band. Joining forces with friend Richard Coles, a classically trained pianist and self-proclaimed president of the "West Point Liberace Fan Club," Somerville formed the COMMUNARDS in a tribute to the 19th century French dissidents. Two danceable singles, "Disenchanted" and "Don't Leave Me This Way," have already made the British charts, and a debut album out this fall, promises music played on real instruments. Beware, boys, could be another hit.

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